US: Russia sending helicopters to Syria

Europa - 13/06/2012

? Clinton says Russia is dramatically escalating the conflict? Crisis has reached civil war says UN peacekeeping chief ? UN monitors shot at and prevented from reaching Haffa? Twenty-year jail sentence for Tunisia's ex-dictator10.54am: Syria: Russia is not only supplying Syria with helicopters but also new bank notes as the Assad regime's economic deficit grows.Reuters reports:Four Damascus-based bankers told Reuters that new banknotes printed in Russia were circulating in trial amounts in the capital and Aleppo, the first such step since a popular revolt against President Bashar al-Assad began in 2011.The four bankers said the new notes were being used not just to replace worn out currency but to ensure that salaries and other government expenses were paid, a step economists say could increase inflation and worsen the economic crisis.The four bankers, along with one business leader in touch with officials, said the new money had been printed in Russia, although they were not able to..