Reporter to skip Masters if women not allowed

Pari opportunità - 06/04/2012

AUGUSTA, Ga. - New York Times golf writer Karen Crouse is ready to say enough is enough. She does not want to cover the Masters again unless a woman is admitted into Augusta National’s all-male membership. “If it were left to me, which it seldom is in the power structure of writer versus editor, I’d probably not come cover this event again until there is a woman member,” Crouse said Thursday. “More and more, the lack of a woman member is just a blue elephant in the room.” Crouse, who became the Times’s golf writer in 2011, made the comments one day after Augusta National Chairman Billy Payne held a contentious press conference about Augusta National’s membership practices. Crouse, sitting in the second row of that press conference, held her hand aloft for 20 minutes before the moderator called on her to speak. ..